IMG_3192Hi! I’m Dawn, independent dyer and owner of Daybreak Dyeworks, an online shop offering up hand dyed and handspun fibery goodness to the world! In real life, I’m a wife and stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three beautiful kids.

My love for crafting and creating started in childhood. I always loved the idea of being able to make things with my own two hands. I learned to crochet (mostly just granny squares) at around 8 or 9, and retaught myself a few years ago in an effort to outfit my family for the upcoming Colorado winter.  I think that’s one of the things I love the most about crafting– the empowering sense of self-sustainability it gives! I taught myself to knit (via Youtube) in 2012 and fell in LOVE! And I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to! I was perfectly happy with my crocheted things! But, at least as far as garments are concerned, there are just some things you can’t achieve in crochet the way you can with knitting. So after a few practice swatches, I jumped right in with a pair of socks, and haven’t looked back since. I taught myself to spin (again, via Youtube) and that’s when the fiber addiction really  started. The first time I dyed my own fiber, spun it into yarn, and knit an object with it, I nearly cried!

Other fun facts:

*I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana (Geaux Saints!)

*I have a Babe Fiber starter (single treadle) spinning wheel named Queen Elizabeth the First

*Shameless chocoholic

*I’ve had dreads since 2007, and both of my girls have them as well

This isn’t my first attempt at a small business (ad)venture, but with my love for spinning, knitting, and dyeing, I feel like I’ve finally found my niche.  Here you’ll be able to follow along with all my crafting adventures (and misadventures), witness me try to grow my little business, and be bombarded with photos 🙂 Thanks for taking a moment to visit me!


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