Help Daybreak Dyeworks put on a show!

Hi friends! Things have been one step away from plain ol’ crazy around here! Funny thing is, it’s only about to get crazier! Besides the normal hustle and bustle that comes with the change of seasons and approaching holidays, I just received some amazing news at the end of last week:

Daybreak Dyeworks has been accepted as a vendor in an upcoming holiday market!!!

I’m so excited and so honored to have been chosen! This show is kind of a “big deal” for local small businesses,  and the date and venue couldn’t be much better. The fact that my tiny little shop was picked to participate was such a boost in confidence, because I tell ya, there are definitely days when this seems all for naught!  I feel like this was just the little boost we needed here at DBDW, and it couldn’t have come along at a better time!

That said, I’m humbly coming to ask for help from the community. Thankfully, I was able to cover the cost of my booth fee to participate in the show, but still need a little help gathering the funds needed to produce inventory for the big day.  Any Etsy sales between now and then would be a huge help, but I’ve also started a donation campaign with for anyone feeling inclined to help. Starting this fibery business has been a long dream of mine, and participating in this show is a big step for the growth of my brand in my local community. So, if it’s within your means to do so, please consider giving a donation and helping us to put on a great show this December!

Thanks so much everyone, and stay tuned for (constant) updates on planning, progress, prep, and everything in between, leading up to the big show! Happy crafting!


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