Hey, friends! Things are still a bit crazy around here, but after a full week, we’re all slowly settling in. Not too much to report today, just a few photos to share:


There’s Marlee, helping us load up the U-Haul. All of the kids were great sports throughout the entire moving process, and I’m so thankful. I’m pretty sure it was the hottest day of the year (maybe) and we were moving things from the second floor, but as long as the girls had an adequate amount of snacks and I kept their water bottles filled, they didn’t seem to mind one bit!

IMG_3934I was able to get this pretty yarn finished the day before the move! Sweet Georgia, “Violet Hill”, SW Merino, 2-ply, 352 yards. Despite all of my TDF plans, this is the only yarn I’ve completed so far :/


Steak! We had our first “cook-out” yesterday and everything turned out DELICIOUS! The grilled corn was used in this recipe, and it was very good. And don’t laugh at our grill; we’re gonna get a grown-up grill eventually…

That’s it for me today! There’s still a good bit of unpacking that’s happening around here, as well as fiber to dye and orders to package and ship.  I’ll be back on Wednesday though, because I do indeed have some spinning to share! Until then, happy crafting 🙂


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