Tour de Fleece (and other stuffs…)

Hey, friends! First of all, where in the world did last week go? Ghee whiz! That may have very well been the busiest week I’ve had this year. I was busting my rump to get my sweater done for the KALS, decided at the last minute to attend a friend’s surprise birthday dinner, had my monthly “mom group” meeting, and lots of dyeing and spinning in the midst. So, how’s about a recap, yes?

Le Tour de Fleece

Sadly, I was not able to spin through the 4oz of Dance Fever that I broke into last week, but over these last two days (days 1 and 2 of the Tour) I’ve gotten through the first 2oz. I’m soooo excited to see this finished up and to get knitting with it!  Please excuse these low quality night time photos:



For today (or at least this morning), I’m spinning up some rolags in my Meadow by the Lake colorway, but there isn’t very much to show with that just yet. But since we’re speaking of rolags, if you’re a beginning spinner or someone who prefers spindles over wheels, rolags and punis (“POO-neez”– like rolags, but much denser) are perfect! You don’t have to worry about splitting fiber into sections, the process used to make them does  some pre-drafting for you, and they’re great for traveling! And if you’re a wheel spinner, the prep on them is ideal for woolen spinning.

Some of my other Tour plans include spinning up the Sweet Georgia fiber I acquired.



I was thinking of spinning one of the braids into a 3-ply sock weight (they’re both superwash merino), but now I’m thinking I’m just gonna spin them as regular 2-plies and knit something fun for my girls… Maybe even ply them together!

I also want to spin this braid, dyed by another of my Rav BFFs, and get it knit into a Hitchhiker:



School’s still in session over at Hogwarts! June was a much slower month for me, but I still got some classes complete, and one major assignment turned in. I had to get the OWL I proposed to 50% completion and I did! I’m interpreting the solar system into spun yarns, and here’s a few collages I submitted giving some insight into fiber prep and dyeing:





I finished the sunshine sweater!!!!


What I learned: don’t judge a pattern by the photo! I loved the shape of this sweater, but never fully considered how the shape was achieved; much to my demise, it was with a million short rows! Overall though, I love the finished product. Blocking it did wonders (although the 3-needle bind off at the shoulders still looks a little sketchy), and it’s light, loose, and oh so yellow!

Stash Enhancement



The lovely Wren, of Sunrise Fiber Co., had a flash Facebook sale last week on samples, seconds, and a few one of a kind colorways, and I was able to snag this sweet skein. It’s on her Classic Sock base (100% merino) in a one of a kind colorway, Once Bitten, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very dark (for me anyway– you saw that big yellow sweater), a deep berry color with a wash of black on top. I find it quite romantic, and am planning an equally romantic project for it, the All About Love Shawl by  Sylvia Bo Bilvia.

In other news, Junior made 8 months last week!


Anyhow, that’s it for me today! I’ve got lots of cleaning, and dyeing, and cleaning, and packing to tackle today (more on that later). And spinning! And I have a few photo “tutorials” planned and, as always, I’ll be back on Wednesday with another spinning update.  Until then, happy crafting!


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