What’s on the Wheel Wednesday!

For today’s post, I’m joining Ginny over at Small Things for the Yarn Along! Join us there, or leave a link in the comments below, showing off what’s on your wheel this week!


I hope y’all aren’t getting tired of my small-scale, spindle-spun projects as of late.  I’m trying to let my wheel rest until the Tour de Fleece starts up, which is very hard, mind you! I’ve got a growing pile of braids, batts, rolags, and a portion of a raw fleece that are all screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” every time I walk past. So, to keep my spinning mojo until then, I’ve been practicing on my Tibetan supported spindle (from KCL Woods).

I’ll be honest, things were a little tricky at first! My fingers I use to set the spindle spinning felt like they were tripping all over each other.  Also, since one hand is always needed to help the spindle remain upright, I’m mainly drafting with one hand, which means… a very awkward form of long-draw! Woolen spinning was not something that I’d practiced around with very much, so having this really be my only option was a bit frustrating. But after much practice, lots and LOTS of Youtube videos (this is a good one), and even more practice, I seem to have gotten it together.  My singles still aren’t consistently even, but they’re at least consistently thin, and the woolen method makes them light and full of bounce!


The sunshine sweater is still chugging along! You’d think this musch stockinette would make me wanna pass out, but I really love it. It’s my favorite type of knitting really; I’m a simple girl. Someone (between the ages of 2 and 4) broke my tape measure, so I’m not sure if I’ve hit the 17″ of length that the pattern calls for, so I’m just going until I run out of yarn; I’m alternating between 2 balls, and one is nearly gone. I really love how this is turning out and I really can’t wait to wear it! And, it looks like I have a really good chance of getting it done in time to enter it into the two KALs I’m participating in.


My only other active knit are my Saints socks, courtesy of Lollipop Yarn. I got the first one done (minus the afterthought heel) on the ride to Estes Park last weekend. I’m knitting these from the toe-up (obviously), and am hoping to have enough yarn leftover to maybe knit my niece a pair of cute, sparkly leg warmers!

And that’s all I have for now. I’ve got a good bit of dyeing, packaging, and shipping to get done today, and I’ve still got to keep the 3 amigos entertained. We’ve been doing the Index Card a Day project, so that helps! But, until next time, happy crafting!


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