Name that Colorway!

So, as I made light mention of in this post, I’m being featured in a giveaway hosted by the lovely ladies of the MustStash Podcast! And y’all… I’m excited! I dyed up this gorgeous fiber for the occasion, but once it was dried, I had no idea what to call it:


That’s where you come in! Visit the MustStash group on Ravelry (actually, join the group– you have to, to be eligible for the prize), and in this thread leave a comment with your suggestion for a name for this lovely bit ‘o fluff.  The winner will win the two skeins of yarn pictured, but the actual fiber is being saved as a TDF prize; so you may want to consider joining their TDF team too!

In other news, I started a Ravelry group! Come join us!

But, it’s back to reality for now! I’ve got lots of dyeing to be done today, as soon as the dishwasher is all done– I can’t dye in a chaotic kitchen! I’ll be back tomorrow to show off some spinning goodness. Until then, happy crafting!


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