What’s on the Wheel Wednesday!

For today’s post, I’m joining Ginny over at Small Things for the Yarn Along! Join us there, or leave a link in the comments below, showing off what’s on your wheel this week!


Today’s featured fluff is brought to you by my oldest girl, Nevaeh! Yesterday she just up and said, “I’m ready to spin some yarn now.” And she was right! It’s funny how kids know these things. I’d given her a spinning lesson before, on the spindle and the wheel, but both times she was only interested for the first few seconds. I’m not sure what was different this time around, but things just clicked! It was pretty awesome. And best of all, she really could care less how it looks; it’s lofty, lumpy, and full of slubs, but she loves it! Once she gets the rest of her fluff spun (it’s only about a half of an ounce– maybe), she’s gonna dye it, and knit it into “a bookmark or a tiny scarf for the baby.” It’s so great to be passing this craft on to the next generation, starting with my own sweet girl, no less!

And no, I don’t have any spinning of my own…

But as for knitting, I’m working on my first knitting commission! Are you ready for this? Get ready, cuz here it is:


What exactly is that, you’re probably wondering, right? A uterus! Tehehehe! I had a friend that made a post on facebook asking, “Can anyone knit me a uterus?…” I thought it was a joke. But come to find out, she recently got her certification as a doula and natural birth instructor, and will be using this for demonstration purposes.  That said, I didn’t realize I was making a life-sized, full term replica– this thing is gonna be huge! It’s an easy knit though, pretty much just a very elongated hat. It’s taking a little longer than I expected, and I’m kind of sick of it; I’m ready to get back to my sweater (which pretty much looks just like it did last week, FYI).

The Tour de Fleece team is still growing and you still have a chance to come and join us and get your spin on this summer!

Happy Crafting 🙂


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