The Happenings

Firstly, I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend! Mine was busy and full of dyeing. My TDF teammates were all really happy with how the team braid turned out (which was a huge relief)! I wanted to make something fun, that didn’t take itself too seriously, and that no one would be nervous about spinning.  You know how sometimes you get that special braid or batt that you don’t want to ruin?  I didn’t want anyone to feel like that. I wanted something fun and versatile, that would look good bulky or thin, in singles, or as art yarn. You can see the braid for yourself in this post, and join the team here!

In other news, I’ve been making some subtle business moves. Small business tip #2: Network! I reached out to a popular podcast, offering up some fiber to be donated in a prize giveaway and my offer was graciously accepted! I’m so excited!! Stay tuned for more details on when, where, how, what, and who!

I got my husband’s Father’s Day socks off the needles, but wouldn’t you know, the bind off was too tight. I’ll fix ’em… eventually!


I also, FINALLY, got the pink yarn done!


It’s 200 yards of a light fingering, and I probably lost another 100+ yards of singles to my crummy job of hand winding a center-pull ball. I ended up with a tangled mess 😦

But back to Tour de Fleece for a moment: here’s a quick flash of what I’m storing up for the event– so far!


This is just a little bit though. I still plan to make a batt or two, maybe even some rolags or punis… This might be my excuse to finally get my hands on some Gourmet Stash!

And lastly, speaking of stash, there was a wee bit of enhancement this weekend:


Madelinetosh Prairie, in the Steamer Trunk colorway. This is my first Tosh experience, and I hope I didn’t just dive head first into a dangerous addiction. This will become a gorgeous birthday sweater for me… Once I’m done with the sunshine sweater!

That’s all I have for today! I have team braids to get dyed, packages to get shipped, and lots of fiber that needs to be re-photographed. It’s gonna be a busy week, but I’ll check in again on Wednesday to show off what’s being spun. Until then, happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “The Happenings

  1. That sweet georgia is beautiful! I love how your hubs socks turned out… my DH is already asking for ANOTHER pair of handknit socks 🙂 I like the surprisingly stretchy bind-off for the tops of toe-up socks. And that prairie!!!! I love it, a great color choice! I may have to pick up my Prairie sweater again and KAL with you.

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