Come, be a team player!

Hey, y’all! I hope everyone (in the U.S.) was able to enjoy a lovely Memorial Day weekend, and a special thank you to the amazing servicemen and women who fight for our freedom everyday! If you’re outside the U.S., I hope you had a great weekend too, even if there was no cause for celebration. My family and I spent a lovely day at the park, where it was just us and one other family for the first few hours! It also took the first few hours for my husband to get our little table-top grill adequately heated, but that’s neither here nor there. It was a super casual day, with wonderful weather, and I’m glad we were able to get outside to enjoy it!


This is my favorite photo from the day! He had a great time; he really is just such a pleasant boy. And look at those teeth down there, my goodness!

In other news, the Tour de Fleece is rapidly approaching! I’m so excited! This will be my first year participating and I can’t wait. It’ll be so fun to see what others are spinning, and how they’re spinning it! I’ve already put several braids aside just for this event, and I’m desperately trying to get this current yarn done so all of my bobbins will be empty on June 29.  My drop spindle is at the ready and I’m kind of secretly hoping I’ll be able to snag a supported spindle before things kick off, but we’ll see.

In the spirit of the Tour, and shameless self-promotion, I’ve started a team! Small Business Success tip #1: Always take advantage of opportunities for free marketing or promotion. I’ve already got a few committed members too– the three of us are gonna take this tour by storm! We’re still looking for teammates (and don’t worry, you can be on as many teams as you like), so come by the thread if you’re interested. Cheerleaders are welcome as well, if you just want to see what all the hullabuloo is about. We’ve even got (wee) shiny badges:


Isn’t that cute? Take one for your blog or use it as your ravatar during the Tour!

There will also be prizes, not just in my specific team thread, but in the main group threads as well. And really, friends, it’s all about the prizes.

On June 1, I’m going to reveal our “team braid” that I’ll be dyeing up specifically for team members. It was inspired in part by a pin (on pinterest) by my Rav BFF and a conversation that was held in one of our group’s threads. I’m super excited about it, and plan on trying out a few different techniques this week, just to finalize which look I like best. And even if you’re not interested in the team braid, you can still enjoy a shop discount! Enter TDF2013 at checkout, and get 15% off your entire purchase. Spin like the wind, friends!

A few other things:

  • I was featured on a blog! Thanks to Erinn (aka Punkin97) for choosing my fiber for her first review!
  • I got the crocheted shawl finished and turned in to Charms class! It came out great!
  • I’m still chugging along on my sweater and Hub’s socks, and neither have given me any back talk lately!

Well, that’s all I have for today! I’ll be back to show off the team thread once it’s ready, so be on the lookout for that! Thanks for visiting, and happy crafting!


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